Little "Pumpkin" Bear
Mommy & Me Blanket

Pattern from Loom Crafts with Knifty Knitter Pg. 50

Yarn : Bernat Super Value ( Mixed - pink blue yellow white green )

and Pound Of Love ( White )

Eventually I will be doing additional panels with pink, blue, and yellow

Stitch : Ribbed and Interupted Ribbed

2nd picture is a close-up of the stitch.

3rd picture is a close-up of how the stitch looks on the loom.

Working on this only at night, is going to take me FOREVER !

Crude drawing on paint program of the way
you wrap stitches.
Let's say that the pegs on top row of long loom are numbered:
odd.... 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15.....
bottom row are numbered
even 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16.....
The way you would wrap would be
from the holding peg
on side of loom to:
Number 2 up to 1 over to 3 down to 4
over to 6 up to 5 over to 7 down
to 8 over to 10 up to 9 over to 11 down to
12 over to 14 up to 13
over to 15....... ( Top Drawing )
all the way across and then knit over all pegs.
Do that for 5 rows and then you switch to the
interupted stitch.
Almost the same ( bottom drawing )
but you will
be starting with peg
number 1 down to 2 over to 4 up to 3 across to 5
down to 6 over to 8 up to 7 over to 9 down to 10
over to 12 up to 13 over to 15 ....... Knit over all pegs
Do this for 5 rows and switch again to the ribbed stitch
You will see a circle forming in your blanket.
Do this for approx 75 rows. That's about IT !!!
Click on link below and mail me if you still don't get it. LOL

Knitting For a Cure Project

Chemo Caps that Melissa and I made.

It's a project that our knitting group is working on.

...............Funny Clip Images ...............

Life is not a journey

to the grave,

with the intention of arriving safely

in a pretty and well preserved body;

but rather to skid in broadside,

thoroughly used up,

totally worn out,

margarita in one hand,

chocolate in the other

and loudly proclaiming….

WOW....what a ride!!!

Myspace Codes

A pink fun fur purse I made for Melissa
Pink Knifty Knitter Long Loom.

Myspace Codes

Pink Slippers for my sister Shirley

Red/Blue for hubby, and Blue/White for Nicky

Shirley's son wanted a pair of the pink.
He says Pink slippers are ...
"Ganksta" !! LOL

I made him a pair of pink and black.

I don't know if he liked them he never let me know. image hosting for myspace hosted images

Pattern : Bevs Country Cottage

This Kinda Looks Like Me

I Wish I Had That Waistline !

Sweaters For Bear

Myspace Codes




Black Fancy Fur Scarf

The First Hat I Made
White Fun Fur Scarf and Hat
I made this with the
yellow round Knifty Knitter Loom.
White Fun Fur and white Pound of Love.
I wore them to stand in line all night
at the Best Buy
after Thanksgiving Day Sale.
It was still COLD !
But it was fun and we go to
the sale every year !

3 Hats

The black one is made out of 1 strand Eyelash yarn and 1 strand Red Heart yarn

The purple hat was my first attempt working with beads. It came out ok except the 1st row of beads are too low. When I was doing the inside of the brim I used 1 strand of yarn, when I started doing the front side of the brim I switched to 2 strands. I did the same amount of rows and it messed up the placement of the beads. It still came out cute though.

The last hat was made on the small pink long loom. I won't do another hat on that thing ! I added the purple in a popcorn stitch. The flower was made on the Flower Loom.